Deborah "The Jewelry Appraiser" is THE BEST EVER!!!!


Dec 8, 2015
Hi everyone!!

I cannot say enough amazing things about Deborah, The Jewelry Appraiser (Google her and go visit - you won't be disappointed). So - instead let me recount our amazing experiences with her!

Visit #1
My fiance and I were lucky enough to inherit some heirloom loose stones which we wanted to have made into an engagement ring. We had NO idea what to do from that point since in all honestly, I've never inherited stones before. LOL. Luckily I found Deborah. She's located in Manhasset, NY which is convenient for me and was able to get me in for an appointment quickly. The time we spent together was informative, fun, and really really interesting. She took the time to explain every step of her process so we'd be sure to understand exactly what she was looking at and what it meant for our stones. She also explained the process we'd be in for if we decided on a custom design and was available even after our appointment to answer any subsequent questions we had. It was obvious she really cared about us, her clients, and that she was a master of her trade. When we received the initial report, we were blown away at how thorough it was yet, was still easy for us (lay people) to understand. We knew we'd found the greatest "diamond lady" around when we began working with Deborah.

Visit #2
Once my engagement ring was created, we returned to Deborah for an appraisal of the finished product. Again, she took her time explaining everything I needed to know about the family heirloom we'd created. She explained how it'd wear over time, how I should care for it, and what we'd need to look for in an insurer. She also gave me some of her jeweler's soap for cleaning. Everyone - OMG!!! IT'S THE BEST STUFF ON EARTH!! Get rid of that poison from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I'd never seen my ring sparkle like it did when she was through cleaning it with her solution. You need it. I can't stress enough, how much time she spent with us going over every single detail of the ring, appraisal, and the care required for me to love this for the rest of my life. She's an advocate and an amazing person.

I highly recommend Deborah for all your appraisal needs. She really is the BEST!
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