David Wolf and my Experience (The journey Begins)

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Jun 9, 2003
Well the end or should I say the "Beginning" of my journey Is almost over. I just had my ring and diamond appraised by David Wolf from JustAppraisers and picked up Chubb to insure it.. Tomorrow I will be flying to Italy with my Girlfriend..If all goes well, Friday night I will be asking her to mary me at the rooftop restaurant overlooking Rome and the Vatican at sunset (Yes I'm old fashioned) She has absolutely no clue this is going to happen, she thinks I will ask her later this year after our trip to Puerto Rico. I was going to Visit Jonathan at GOG and I actually paid a visit to Barry in his office in NY. Both have beautiful Princesses.
My situation was pressing though..Until Wednesday of last week I did not have the money to purchase a stone and I had my heart set on a D. Vatche "X prong" with channel diamonds setting. I found out that D. Vatche Orders had to be placed a week before I was ready and I was in deep dispair. Lo and behold I found out one of my uncles is a cutter and has been cutting diamonds for 25 years. He took me under his wing and his boss helped me get a beautiful princess that scored a 2A on the AGA chart and the appraisal, I saved myself about 3,500. off of retail and about 2,400 off the internet based prices I was looking at. He also was able to get Eclipse Corp to set my stone in a supposedly brand new setting from D.Vatche that will be in catalogues in November the NEXT DAY (Last Friday). This being a miracle in itself I was very pleased when I saw the stone for the firat time it was a true performer in flourencent office lights or in sunight or low light it just shines or in the street term "Bling Blings" .

I took the ring to D. Wolf for appraisa and he was equally impressed with the diamond..specifically noting that the Gia Report was a bit conservative on the color and that it was closer to an E than an F. Either way I did not care..the stone is beautiful and I have a lot of people to thank, Mr. Wolf was very professional and demonstrated to me why he is considered an expert in his field. I HIGHLY recomend anyone in the NYC area to check him out if youre looking for an independent appraiser. Barry at Superbcert was awesome..he showed me the beutiful stones he had and I was simply amazed at the beaty the possesed VS. The stones I have looked at at retail stores. I could not drive out to L.I. to see Jonathan due to some Car issues (Inpection)but his website was very informative and the conversations I had with him over the phone were very educational on pricess stones. THANK YOU MARA!!! for all your responses to my posts and THANK YOU to all of you on pricescope.. I learned a TON of info on this website and you all provide a great service to all of us naive consumers who wish not to end up like Deer in front of headlights when we walk into a diamond store. Once I can figure out how to get a clear Macro shot of the ring I will post it on the forums. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN.. To Rome I go!


Mar 21, 2001

It was a real pleasure having you visit with us in our showroom
giving us the opportunity to show you our SuperbCert Princess Cuts.

We're very happy to hear that you found what sounds like
a beautiful diamond at a great price!

Best of luck in your proposal. I'm sure she will
be thrilled. Post some pics!


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