Cystaline inclusions?

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Sep 17, 2005
I got a chance to take a look at something under a microscope today after doing some research, and I just wanted to get the insight of someone who is better trained in these things than I am.

In natrual sapphires, a solid crystal inclusion under 30x is not something you would see in a synthetic, yes? I know that there are certain crystals that can form in various types of corundum, and from what I understand, hexaganal shaped crystals are indicative of natural occuring corrundum as the pressure forces the molecular structure to behave like that, whereas synthetics lack the pressure and the elements don''t diffuse as well, hence variations in shape and growth rings. Correct?

Under 30x, I observed a seemingly solid inclusion consisting of a trapped inclusion shaped like an elongated hexagon. If you refer to figure 24 on this link, the bottom diagram of that figure is an example for illustrative purposes of what I observed as far as shape goes. In appearance, if you could rotate figure 12 more to be paralel to the viewing plane, that is what I saw except it was one single crystal with some smaller pinpoints scattered about it. The shape was very well defined like what I understand to a single phase solid inclusion is (crystal and solid suspended within the main crystal).

I also noticed some pin point inclusions that you might consider to be a finger print inclusion, and most of what I saw as being that was paralell to the c axis as I rotated the stone under the scope. It might have helped if I cleaned the stone before hand, but there were definite pinpoint inclusions under 10x barely visible, and more noticeable under 30x.

From what I have read from that link and other sources, a synthetic won''t have those same types of inclusions.

From what I am observing, is it safe to say that based on my observation under a microscope that the material I looked at is in fact natural as opposed to synthetic?

If anyone has some links to some things related as far as pics, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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