Customers that buy off the internet

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Aug 25, 2000
It never stops amazing me that somebody will come in with a ring or stone they bought off the internet and ask me "do you know these people" and are they reputable?????? After the fact.

Then they ask me to do the work on the ring, sizing and setting and appraising ????

Today a customer comes in and hands me a platinum solitare band , I identified the trademark and said , since your asking a lot of questions , for your information we sell this ring here and this would be your price ($200) less then what he bought it for. Why do people think the internet is the bottom dollar ??????
Maybe its just me, Ive not let an internet site undersell me yet

Thank God for the brick and morter stores left to do the work.


Feb 4, 2003
I'll tell you why I personally think the internet is better, keeping in mind that I have not purchased anything yet, but everyday it seems more and more likely I will buy from an internet vendor:

1) I've been all over the L.A. Jewelry District
2) I've been to mall stores
3) I've been to small independently run jewelry stores in Northern and Southern California (from San Diego to Orange County to L.A. to the Bay Area)
4) I've been to "the Engagement Ring Store" and others of it's ilk
5) I've been to a couple "Direct Diamond Importers" who promise the best price on the diamond I'm looking for

And you know what?

The best prices I've been consistently quoted have all come from internet vendors who can offer me better selections and won't charge me sales tax. Why should I NOT buy off the internet?


Feb 3, 2003
In my experience, you seem to be the one anomaly. I have yet to find a true brick & mortar store beating the pure online stores. What some people assume is that a website automatically equates to best price. They don't realize that some retail stores also have websites to increase their reach. However, they still need to sell for slightly higher in order to pay for their higher overheads than pure online companies. I was working with a local store that claimed to be able to beat the online prices. After receiving an email offer from him (with the disclaimer of - price IMPOSSIBLE to beat), I decided to search Pricescope. Gee, it wasn't too hard to find a price that honestly was $1000 less. He must of thought I was stupid. I found out that he despises the online stores b/c he feels they don't represent true retail. He claims to give better customer service. Just b/c it's face to face, it doesn't mean it's better. If you do your research, ask the right questions, and have a trust worthy appraiser, then you just can't beat a pure online store!

Big Rock

Apr 3, 2003
I in NYC you would think you could get the best deals on stones, but nothing compares to the net and I am personally more comfortable dealing with a computer screen that is impartial than a person who most likely has an ulterior motive


Nov 10, 2002
It will be okay to buy off the internet until all the local jewellers have gone out of business and then you will just have the mall jewellers to take your high quality expensive ring to and have to ask them to retip the prong or reset the stone. In a way this is just like Wallmart closing down the smaller businesses and then they can charge what they want. Customer service is in some cases worth the extra money spent on a ring. A jeweller will always take more care when working on one of their rings that you bought from them 5 years ago as he now knows you and knows what level of service you expect.


Dec 12, 2000

"Then they ask me to do the work on the ring, sizing and setting and appraising ????"

If a new customer moves into your town and comes to you for any of the above, do you ask him how much he paid and compare prices or do the work asked? There is plenty of money to be made in sizing, setting and appraising without trying to make the customer feel bad about his purchase.

You also have to remember that not many jewelry stores will do price matching with other jewelry stores or the internet.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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