Custom work- who do you go to??

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Aug 1, 2003
The first time I had custom ring done I got a few quotes and I went with the one that gave me the best offer ( half the price of the others) and they did a really bad job :-/
The second custom ring with a totally new person turned out really well and it actually cost 1/3 of the price of the bad custom ring I had made. Isn''t that crazy? There were no tiny diamonds in in the setting, but still. he did us a higher % of gold.
I now have another very simple thing I want to have made. I was thinking of asking the guy who did a great job at a great price but don''t know if I will be insulting his artistic talent if I ask for something more plain than he usually does. I suppose it can''t hurt to ask so I probably will. But I wondered who you had been to that you really liked.

I want a bezel set pendant with a colored stone and bezel set diamond accent. Ultra simple.


Jan 3, 2005

I''d probably just go back to the person you had happy results with before. business is business for him and i''d be surprised if he''d be insulted you came back for another project, if anything I''d think he''d be flattered to have a repeat customer..


Sep 3, 2000
There are many things that a designer, manufacturer can do which alter the overall appearance of even a "simple" job. You should use someone who will take the time to either show you physical samples, or show you CAD produced desgins with enough data so you can know how the "look" will be once it is made.

How thick is th bezel to be? How high? Is the bale to be hinged, flexibly attached or rigidly attached? What size chain is going to be used? These are just three of a great many questions which must all be focused into producing what the maker thinks you would like.

Also, you must be able to put into words what you do not like. What was wrong with the cheaply made item? What have you learned about jewelry quality and what do you still need to learn? A "simple" item often reveals more about its quality of workmanship and finish than a complex item which sort of tricks the eye from discerning the details quite as clearly. It is not easy to fool anyone''s eye when the item is a pure and rather plain design. Imperfections are quite readily observed.


Jan 25, 2007
I''m doing a custom with James Allen at the moment, and their main ring maker is Danhov. The first pics were a little bit off, being the first try and all that, and I was paranoid so I ended up talking with Jim Schultz about it. I think he''s pretty much overseeing it now, which made me feel loads better. I''d wholeheartedly recommend Jim and his company. All my dealings with them have been a joy, and I trust Jim enough to know that my custom will be fabulous when it''s done, which may be any day now. **biting nails**
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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