Custom Setting - 4 or 6 prongs?


Apr 21, 2010
There's the design difference to consider (6 prongs make for a "rounder" face up look as compared to 4 prongs), but also safety of the stone -- if 1 prong should fail on a 4 prong ring, the stone will likely drop out; if 1 prong fails on a 6-prong ring, the remaining 5 prongs usually are sufficient to hold the stone. Of course if a prong fails, you'd remove it as soon as you notice, and put the ring away until you can get it to the jeweler for repair ... but oftentimes people don't notice a problem with the setting until after the fact, at which time you may or may not be able to find the missing diamond if it had dropped out.

If you really can't decide, maybe your jeweler has some 4-prong and 6-prong MRB rings you can try on, so you can see which you like better on your finger?

Looks like it will be a beautiful ring -- I hope you post photos of the finished ring!
Jan 20, 2012
Our @marymm makes a good point about stone security with regard to 4 or 6 prongs. That aside, I just love the LOOK of 6 prongs on a round. So that is my vote, as well. Good luck, and welcome to the forum!!
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