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Nov 20, 2015
Hi, all! I'm in the process of finding my perfect engagement ring, and eventually my research has led me here. I've been reading threads here for awhile, and was hoping that you guys might be able to help me with a new dilemma: custom vs. regular stock. I've found a setting that I like quite a bit from a B&M jeweler in my area, but would like to make 1 or 2 tweaks to it (material, prongs, etc). The B&M jeweler doesn't customize settings at all, so I'm considering going the custom route. Based on threads I've read here, that can be quite the process. So, I guess my question has 3 parts:

-Do you all think that going the custom route would be worth it? I'm fairly happy with the B&M setting as is, though I'd appreciate being able to switch to platinum from 14k white gold, changing to claw prongs, and perhaps make the shank a bit wider for durability.I also like that the halo would be fit precisely to the measurements of the diamond. I might be interested in switching up the pave style as well, but am still trying to figure out the differences between pave styles :) I'd consider changing the shank to a straighter style, but do appreciate that the current style doesn't look too dainty on my size 8 fingers.

-If it's worth it, what all should I communicate to the jeweler to make sure I get what I want? Obviously, he'll have photos from the B&M jeweler's website, but should I provide more?

-What other changes would you recommend, while still keeping the general style of the ring the same? I love the sapphire inner halo along with the outer diamond halo, so that will stay, as will the general shape of the halo (round). I also like the small sapphires in the basket of the ring, but otherwise would love to hear recommendations from people who have far more experience with this process than I do :bigsmile:

It's worth mentioning that I've spoken with a jeweler who's willing to do the custom work for us, and that we would buy the diamond from him either way (we haven't found the exact one yet, but somewhere in the .80-.90 range, triple x, H+, eyeclean, good HCA score). The B&M store's selection is frankly abysmal and way overpriced for the quality.

Here's pictures of the B&M setting, both stock photos and it on my hand (hopefully)! I've learned so much from you guys already, and appreciate any feedback you might have! stock4.jpg stock3.jpg stock2_0.jpg stock1.jpg irl3.jpg irl2.jpg irl1.jpg
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