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I <3 Diamonds

Nov 20, 2006
Hi Everyone!

My husband has noticed me looking more and more at sapphires and has mentioned possibly getting me one for our wedding anniversary this July. I''m interested in yellow sapphires and I''ve checked out lots of the different sites like natural sapphire, cherry picked, etc. However, I''m having a bit of trouble finding exactly what I''m looking for.

I''ve heard of people getting their stone sourced and specially cut. What type of fee should I expect for this type of service? I know I could contact one of the cutters (is that the right term?), but I''d prefer not to until if this is exactly what I want. (Don''t want to waste a busy person''s time) I figured with all the very knowledgeable people on this board that someone would be able to offer some insight.

I''m looking for a lemon yellow sapphire. (I''m not really up to date with the names of colors) All I know is that I want it to be a pure, intense, bright yellow with no undertones of brown or anything--preferably IF. The carat weight I have in mind is somewhat small. I was thinking around .75 to .9 and I''m leaning toward cushion cut or the cut that looks like an asscher--modified square or step cut? I''d even be fine with a radiant.

So can someone who knows or has done the custom route describe the process, costs, pros/cons, experience?


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Pandora II

Aug 3, 2006
Have you tried the Wink Jones/Richard Homer route?

I know lots of people here have had stones from both and they work with each other.

I didn''t get mine custom cut, but I did feel much happier knowing that someone else was looking for my rock - and knew who has good stones and understood what I meant by top colour and great cut. Yes my stone was not cheap, but I was happy to pay for quality - but preferred to have someone who I trusted who knew what they were looking at tell me that I had found quality if I was paying $$$.

I would love to go the "choose my rough and have it custom cut" route one day.

I thought for years that I would choose a yellow sapphire for my e-ring, changed my mind in the end, but would still like one eventually - can''t wait to see what you get!

Good luck!


Jun 28, 2006
I thought I could be of some help to you so here goes.

I wanted to get a colored stone for my RHR. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted but I knew I loved the concave cutting of Richard Homer. So I contacted Wink Jones and started talking to him about two different types of stones. Wink talked to Richard and we decided on a bright yellow sapphire. Richard was going to the Tuscon gem show that month, so I gave him my budget and had him look. He was able to find the perfect color rough. I was told it was a bit bigger than I needed but because I need to get an exact size and shape that was the only way to do it. The stone was cut and sent to Whiteflash who did/had the setting within 2 weeks of finding the rough.

The whole process was very easy. Wink was excellent to work with. I definately felt very comfortable that an expert had picked and cut the stone. The whole team effort of Whiteflash, Richard Homer and Wink was spectacular. I know I paid a bit more because I needed a specific size but it was and is worth it! Everyday I look at it and when I hear peoples commpliments it really makes me smile!!

What I would say to you since you do not need an exact size is to contact Wink and let him know what you want to spend. He will be able to tell you if it is doable. I don't know what your budget is and I'm sure what I spent is more than you would have to cause of the size/shape issues I had. It can't hurt to ask Wink. He is very great to deal with and I am sure he wouldn't mind a call from any PSer. And if you do end up getting a stone from him you might even get your own night on Wink TV like I did. (click HERE to see)

Mine is a 1.23 cut cornered square concave brilliant. (I think that is what Richard called it)

I hope that helps a bit and good luck!!!


I <3 Diamonds

Nov 20, 2006
Pandora what kind of stone do you have? Any pics?

Thanks for sharing your experience, KT! I''ve been admiring your ring for the past couple of weeks. It''s absolutely beautiful! I''d love to have a a similar setting one day. I think if MH ends up getting me a sapphire for our anniversary that it will be set in something simple and temporary (i was thinking a knife edge solitare) while we explore custom settings. (I like too many things and can''t make up my mind
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