cushion diamond- need help

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Jan 29, 2007
I am new to this listserv, and need some advice. I am looking at a cushion diamond. It has EGL (Israel) certification. The stone is 3.01, H, SI1. The dimensions are 10.27 x 8.6 x 4.55. Polish and symmetry are good, no cutlet and no flourescence. The depth is 52.9%, and the table is 75%. I love the shape, size and beauty of the stone. There is virtually no bowtie. It seems to me that the table is very big, but what I love about the stone is that I feel that I can look so deep down inside of it. There is a VERY TINY straight line - like the tip of a straight pin- which is distinguisable with the naked eye. The price of the stone is well below what I have seen for comperable stones listed on the internet. Are the dimensions for the depth and table improper? Should I be concerned about the TINY line that I see? Thanks for your advice!


Jul 11, 2005
I don''t know a lot about cushions but I would not choose an EGL Israel graded diamond. That is most likely the reason for the low price. I would take the H and SI1 gradings with a large grain of salt because this lab is not highly regarded for it''s accuracy. If you love it, take it to an independent appraiser to see how he/she would rank it.


Apr 30, 2005

Jazmine brings up some good points, get that appraisal if you decide this is your rock! The line you mention might not be anything to worry about, in such a large cushion you might see something with an SI grade, it could be a feather for example. Make the sale contingent on this diamond checking out with an independant appraiser. Cushions have to be seen to be judged and it sounds like you love this one, but do get that appraisal. You can do a search on EGL Israel for some more opinions on them if you wish.


Jun 29, 2006
the stone is very shallow and the table is truly enormous. There are classic-ish ratios that constitute the antiquecushions but there is this whole section of stones that are "cushions" that basically are just *whatever* weird cut the cutter can get out of the stone.... so stones that face up really big like this. Now, because it has a serious crown deficency it might not have very good fire. BUT - if you *love* it - who cares what is proper or classic or if there is a line you can see or if it is EGL rather than a more respected grading company. Who cares what the paper says. As for price I wouldn''t pay more than 15k for this, and most of that cost is just in size (JMO). take it out in the sun and see what it does!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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