Cruise proposal ideas???... next week, Help!

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Feb 16, 2007
just got an e-ring for my GF but now need proposal ideas
going on a Carnival cruise to the Bahamas next week !

I've never been on a cruise so don't know what to expect
hoping some of you that have been on one could give me some proposal advice(e.g. day or night, during dinner, at a show, snorkeling, at the Atlantis resort in the bahamas, or on one of those secluded private island stops, these stops are during the day.

should I get a stranger to take pics of it?
we're going with my family that doesn't know about it, should I include them somehow or just tell them afterwards to not kill the romantic effect.

thanks for ANY advice!


Oct 17, 2006
Congrtualtions! How exciting for you!

Regarding the question of when to do it, I probably wouldn''t do it while snorkling. Somehow water, slippery skin, nervousness, and an expensive ring don''t seem like they would go well together.
About the question of involving your family, really that depends on your FI to-be. How does she get along with your family? Do you think she woul wanta one-on-one proposal, or would she prefer a public proposal?

What might help you out anwering that last questions is figuring out whether she''s more of an introvert or an extrovert. If she''s an introvert, she''d probably prefer a one-on-one intimate proposal. If she''s an extrovert, she might prefer a more public proposal.)

Sorry I can''t help you wth the cruise ship layout! I''ve never ben on a cruise.

Good luck, though, and congrats!


Feb 17, 2007
I''ve never been on a cruise, but I think it would be really romantic to propose in a secluded place on land somewhere. For example, if you propose somewhere on an island, you can technically go back there for many years to come. If you do it on the ship, that''s much more difficult to "go back" if you want to in the future.

I''d only directly involve family (e.g., propose in front of them) if you know she would want it. Otherwise I would do it privately. BUT that being said, you could tell one person and ask them to show up at a certain time and take pictures. That could be a family member. Just make sure if you plan on telling the family that they can keep the secret!!!


Jan 18, 2007
I have been on a couple of cruises (went last year to Carribean). Don''t propose on the ship unless you do it on your own balcony in your own cabin, in which case that is a good option-if you have a balcony you can get the ship to set up a meal on the balcony with champagen and flowers etc, and you can sit there watching the ocean in private which would be romantic. The main restaurant/a show is incredibly crowded and impersonal - forget it. Private island stops are also impersonal-nowhere to be alone - you don''t want to be proposing while some slob pushes past you to get to the buffet station.
If you don''t have a balcony, then do it on a shore visit. Look in a guide book and find somewhere romantic to go to - get a cab to wherever you are going to - a secluded beach, a nice restaurant whatever, and that''d be perfect.


Feb 16, 2007
I don''t know if you already went on you cruise, if so congrats. If not, check out and post your question there. The people on that site will be able to give you A LOT of advise. Good luck!
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