Contemporary Paved Band vs French-Set Paved Band?


Sep 7, 2015
Ok so like i've said before, i'm very new at this, so if any of my terminology is wrong please don't hesitate to correct me, but i'm going to do the best I can.

I know (or I think I know) the difference between a pave and micro pave is that when the stone's are at least 1 pointers or higher it is a pave, but when smaller as in a half pointer that is considered a micro pave.

It's also my understanding that a contemporary paved band has the paved stones in it, but the sides of the band have a flat covered surface, but a french-set paved setting has the diamonds exposed from the side allowing more light and maximum sparkle.

If I had to think of advtanges and disadvantages for both I would have to say the french setting will of course shine more but probably get caught onto pieces of clothing all the times and since the diamonds are exposed they can be possibly damaged. The contemporary won't shine as much from the side but the diamonds are protected from damage better and u don't have to worry about ur ring snagging on clothes all the time

My question is, I want a paved band regardless, but i'm curious about which do y'all prefer personally? Do french-settings really shine more? Does it really get caught on clothing a lot like i've read and does it bother you? Thanks


Aug 29, 2014
I think you are thinking of brightcut pave for the contemporary?

I much prefer the look of french set, but the pave is not as secure. I don't notice much catching on clothing (though could be an issue), but I've had stones pop out if I hit something the wrong way. Thats more my concern.
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