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confused.. antique hallmark on diamond earrings


Jul 13, 2020
Hello All... So i have these lovely diamond earrings.. which i am completely confused by... the hallmark appears to be a rams head facing left.. (which leads me to believe they were made in France Paris (1819 to 1830 something) however... the pave set styling is so much more modern!.. also the lever back i believe did not come about until the 1900's.. from what i read... there is no makers mark... the styling is very 70's onwards .. cartier, boucheron.. the only other hallmark is on the latch which reads A 891K... the rams head hallmark has me completely lost.. could the hallmark be original from another piece of jewellery and converted to earrings at a later date or is this type of pave setting far too modern for this to be the case...
Any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated...
Thank you :confused: IMG_8368.JPG IMG_8370.JPG IMG_8360.JPG
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