Confused and need help about crown and pavilion angles


Dec 8, 2015
Hi all! My boyfriend and I had done what we thought was a lot of research on the purchase of a lab generated diamond (although probably just scratching the surface!). We selected a diamond from Brilliant Earth and it arrived today. It is very pretty and does have a lot of sparkle, but I was hoping for more. I don't know if my mind is messing with me and I'm just thinking about what if there was another that I would have liked better or if it truly doesn't reflect light the way it should. We started looking into it and I'm wondering g if it has something to do with the crown angle and pavilion. It isn't a dull diamond by any means, though. Can someone please help by taking a look at the specs and letting me know their thoughts? I would greatly appreciate the feedback!!!

Round brilliant
1.36 carat
Color G
Clarity VVS2
Cut grade Excellent
Polish Excellent
Symmetry Excellent
Measurements 7.09x7.11x4.39
Table size 58%
Crown height - angle 15% - 35.5 degrees
Pavilion depth - angle 43.5% - 41 degrees
Girdle thickness Medium
Total depth 61.9%

It is IGI certified - it seems like all of the lab generated diamonds we looked at were IGI. Is that common?

Thanks again for any feedback in helping us determine whether we should keep or return.


Sep 11, 2014
Hi there,

I am by no means an expert, but this forum doesn't always get a lot of attention so I thought I'd put my 2 cents in..

Firstly, the IGI cert is normal for lab created diamonds - GIA only offer a very basic report, and I'm not sure that AGS deal with them at all.

I ran the numbers through the HCA, and it scored a 4 - good, only if price is your main criteria. Ideally, you only want to consider stones that score under a 2 (and then investigate them further with idealscope / ASET if possible) - there's more info about the HCA in the education section.

Given you've received the diamond and aren't especially happy with it, I'd strongly consider returning it. If lab diamonds appeal to you, D.NEA can offer further imaging for their stones (and Eric is lovely!), and GOG have started offering a small selection, complete with extra images and a wide variety of settings. Perhaps reach out to them both and see who can provide you with what you need?

I hope this is helpful! If you don't love your stone now, I can't imagine it's going to grow on you - I'd return it if possible, I'm sure there are better performers out there.

Kind regards,
Adele :)


Aug 5, 2012
The highest IGI cut grade is Ideal, not Excellent. It's very confusing, I know. You sound like you'd be happier if you went up to an Ideal.

It does look like this stone would probably have hit GIA excellent if GIA would grade lab stones though. People often criticize excellent for being too board, but it's actually based on testing GIA did. Somebody prefers stones like yours to "better" cut stones. I'm not an expert but I believe your stone may have a dark ring under the table.
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