Conflict diamonds

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Mar 14, 2001
I am Leon Cohen President of Codiam Inc. the sole United States distributor for Rand Diamonds. It is a good to see an interest being taken in our product and, interesting questions being asked. What makes a Rand Diamond a unique offering?1) Rand diamonds sources it’s rough diamonds exclusively from the Diamond Trading Company, the worlds largest diamond mining company.
2) Rand is the only company to exclusively polish DTC, guaranteed rough diamonds in a dedicated factory. Rand does not outsource any of its work. This means all Rand diamonds are 100% natural and in compliance with all U.N. resolutions regarding diamonds i.e. conflict free.
3) Rand conducts multiple inspections of all of its diamonds starting with the rough diamond, to ensure that the raw material has maximum ability for light return.
4) Rand Diamonds unique and proprietary Zero Tolerance ä cut attains perfection of fire, brilliance and, scintillation not found in other diamonds. What is the Zero Tolerance ä cut? We all know that each facet in a category of the best, high-end polished diamond is a mirror image. What you may not realize, however, is that within a category the angles of the facets differ. Rand cuts each facet in a category at precisely the same angle as the others. Every angle is identical; there is no averaging in a Zero Tolerance ä cut. The Zero Tolerance ä cut makes Rand diamonds the most beautiful.
5) Each Rand diamond has a unique Provenance report detailing the audit and photographic manufacturing record of the diamond and, a GIA report that cross-references the unique Rand Provenance Report number inscribed on the girdle of the diamond.
6) The entire Rand process is Audited and Documented.
The unique benefits assembled in the Rand Provenance Report, provides the retailer and consumer with unmatched quality and value assurances about their diamond. To provide the finest shopping experience Rand Diamonds are only offered through a select group of authorized prestige Jewelers. For further information please contact you’re nearest authorized Rand Jeweler or reply by email.


Mar 28, 2001
I am a gemologist in the NY area and I'd be interested to put your diamonds to the test. Expect an email from me.Jonathan

Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000
Dear Leon,
Welcome to cyberworld

I have seen what you are doing and it is an excellent marketing strategy that can assure people that they are buying a non conflict diaamond. I commend your actions.I had the pleasure of hosting Martin Rapaport in Australia at the APEC conference in Australia last year as a guest speaker on eradicating conflict diamonds. As you know he is active in promoting peace and employment diamonds in African countries so that taxes are collected and directed to much needed social welfare and infastructure causes.The other issue you raised - the precision cutting approach you have taken - it may surprise you to know that most of what you said will be read as smoke and marketing mirrors by the over educated internet diamond junkies.
If you wish to participate you will find the people here and on some other forums are infact at the cutting edge (pun?) of the subject of diamond-cut. Brave words like yours require justification and we welcome your defense and elaboration.
Garry Holloway
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