Comparing these two diamond tennis bracelets...

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Jun 13, 2005
Hi everyone,

I am looking for a 2-3 ctw 18k 4-prong white gold tennis bracelet. I''ve seemed to narrow it down to 2 vendors who both have solid reputations on PriceScope (thanks PSers!).

However, I need some help reconciling the differences in these bracelets. Thanks for any insights!

Wink Jones / Winfields: (Item TB1030-3.0C under Traditional/Prongs)

Total Carat Weight: 3.00 ct
VS2-SI1 / G-H
18k white gold
Stone Count: 60 Diamonds
59 dia.x.051=3.00 Ct. (2.4mm) > vendor''s calculation
Piece Weight: 13.00 grams
Bracelet length: Not sure
Width & thickness: Not sure
Price: $4,094.00

Facets / The Facets Collection:

Total Carat Weight: 3.39 ct
18k white gold
Stone count: 68 round brilliant (ideal or premium cuts)
3.39 ctw / 68 dia =" ~5 pts each stone (2.4mm) "> my own calculation
Piece weight: 11.3 gr
Bracelet length: 7.25" long
Width & thickness: 2.6mm wide and 3.2mm thick
Price: $3,740.00

I''m especially curious to know:

- Why does the Facets bracelet have more stones (68 vs 60)? I am assuming it must be longer, but I thought tennis bracelets were always a standard size. BTW, I usually see 68-stone tennis bracelets being ~2 ctw (not 3).
- How can the Facets bracelet be less expensive, when it has a higher total carat weight and stones with higher color & clarity?
- Why does the finished Winfield''s bracelet weigh more?
- Am I missing something basic?

BTW, I intend absolutely no disrespect to either vendor by asking these questions, I know they are both excellent. I just want to make the best decision for my dollars. :)

Thanks for any help in solving the mysteries...



Nov 6, 2006
Hi Anne. I recently bought a 7-carat bracelet from Facets and LOVE IT! They definitely use quality diamonds and the setting is very elegant. I chose 3-prong, but their 4-prong is really nice too. When I shopped around, they definitely had the best price.

About the bracelets you listed....The Facets bracelet is 7.25 inches, standard is usually 7 inches, so the extra 0.25 inch may be part of the reason for more diamonds. It also depends on the setting. Settings aren't necessarily standard. Some settings place the diamonds together tightly, some more loosely. If the Facets bracelet has the diamonds set close, this probably makes up the difference. Some settings use more metal also. This may be why Wink's is heavier.

Try to study the bracelets from sideview and from the back. You want to make sure the setting looks good from all angles. Do you want more or less metal? Does the setting allow enough light through the diamonds? Does each link appear regular and uniform? These types of questions....

Hope this helps.
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