Comparing color grades and metals


Apr 17, 2006
Stacked a bunch of rings just for fun for the stack-o-the-day thread, then realized it might make for a useful post. Got lots of shades of gold and diamonds to compare under the same light. Note this post is not meant to compare vendors since their products are focused on offering different trade-offs.


Left to right, top to bottom:

Left ring finger
*14k rose gold Blue Nile
*14k unplated white gold with IGI graded G color LG diamond from DG
*10k rose gold twisted band from Amazon
*10k rose gold band with ungraded melee from Amazon

Left middle finger
*14k rose gold band with ungraded upside down pink cushion from Etsy
*14k rose gold small chevron with ungraded pink melee from Etsy
*14k rose gold large chevron from Etsy

Right index finger
*14k rose gold band from Costco with rubies and diamonds — ungraded diamond melee supposedly no lower than I color

Right middle finger
*14k rose gold with GIA graded K marquise from BN

Right index finger
*14k rose gold with ungraded seller-promoted F color LG diamond from Ouros
*10k rose gold band with ungraded melee from Amazon

Personal observations… the IGI graded G looks whiter than I thought based on past experience with IGI. Might be due to sweet AVR cut. Costco diamond melee looks whitest of the bunch in person, they are crazy sparkly, and they hold up next to my GIA graded Ds. GIA graded K color marquise is pretty but definitely the warmest graded diamond I own. Ouros’ s F looks warmer that those crazy bright Costco diamonds but looks quite white otherwise and at least as white as my GIA graded F asscher.



Hope someone found this helpful.
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