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Jan 6, 2016
I am considering making an offer on this lovely ring for sale on Loupe troop.
It is a 1.03 ct eternity ring made by David Klass. Diamonds are reported at G VS, in 18k. It is 2.5 mm. The listing price (final reduction) is $745 but seller says "open to offers". I would like to start a collection of stack rings (which I had no intention of doing until I started frequenting PS :love: ) and also pair it with my recently upgraded Ering. See pic. I would appreciate opinions on how it would work for these purposes, how substantial the 1ct is in a 5.5 size eternity ring and value for the money. Also I know it is the cut that most impacts the sparkle factor, is that the case with stones in this size also. If so how can I determine that. Little cautious since it is a private seller and is not returnable, which I fully understand. Thanks in advance.

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