color in platinum and platinum strength

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Aug 7, 2002
I need some advise please...
I'm going to have an engagement ring custom made. The original design was a size 4, 1.8 mm wide platinum band, 4 prong platinum crown, with point set diamonds all the way around the band. The center stone will be around 7 mm (1.25c). My trusted jeweler (who I went to last) will not make the ring because he feels it will be way too delicate. I agree with him, I don't want to loose the diamond.

Can anyone make a recommendation as to the minimum width band I should consider? (I haven't been able to discuss it with my jeweler yet).

Would it be safe to go with an I color center stone given the platinum setting? (safe as in I don't want it to look yellow)

I was originally considering G but have seen that H will do just fine. For some reason I'm having trouble finding examples of well cut I color stones to go look at locally. Not to mention ones with some blue fluorescence. From other posts I get the feeling that I color may be acceptable with some desireable fluor. to whiten it out... possibly??
Thanks for any suggestions!


Apr 30, 2002
hmmmm... I don't thing I would go lower than H for a white gold or platinum setting. I is clearly yellowish tinted. Sometimes it's better to go for a slightly smaller stone in exchange for a good colour. Why don't you go to any jeweller with good inventory (Tiffany's, for example) and have a look at I coloured stones set in platium. You'll get a good idea about how it looks.



Jul 22, 2002
I color is a strange one from a consumer's point of almost enters into the SI blurr. Some "I"'s can face up whiter than H's given that they are cut well and have some Fluor (med - strong).

I am having my "I" 3c stone set in platinum - I checked it out before hand and even as large as the stone is I can't see yellow in a white setting. However, that said, I indeed saw yellow in two of the "I" stones I looked at - not major - just a tinge. So, all stones are not created equal. You can save $ if you go w/ an I - but you will have to be patient to find one (and if you are willing to accept that for some unknown cosmic reason - diamond people find Med-strong Blue a flaw).

A safer bet is g/h Vs2. But $ can be saved if you wait for the right "I" SI1 to come along to suit your tastes. Be very specific w/ your jeweler
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