Cluster headaches anyone?

hay joe

Dec 13, 2007
They are something else. Meds and diet change are not working as well as they had in the past. The first episode was several years ago. It took a month to get a diagnoses, correct meds and diet. After a few months on the meds the headaches went into remission and for four years no meds, no diet and no headaches. Second time I got meds quickly, changed food intake and was headache free after a few months. Three years later there here again and not responding as well to the treatment that had worked before. O my gosh it can be painful.


Oct 13, 2011
Hay joe, I used to get them years back. The first I was diagnosed, I insisted on a scan as I could not believe I wasn't dying of a brain tumour. I thought the tumour was behind my eye and it was going to explode. I got them for about 10 years, intermittently. I don't think there is much treatment apart from pain killers, well not for mine anyway.

I used to get them in the middle of the night, they would start with a pain in my sinus area. The actual headache was very, very intense but not long lasting, maybe a couple of hours.

I sympathise. I don't think you can understand the pain of them unless you have had them. I hope this cluster goes away very soon!
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