Clueless in California

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Feb 13, 2009
Hey All,

Ok, so maybe not clueless, but pretty close. I know enough not to buy a diamond from the jeweler at the local mall, but not enough to be confident to pull the trigger on my own. When it comes right down to it, i just want to know that i got the best possible diamond that i could afford on my modest budget. That said I, have been searching using the following parameter:

* Size: Looking for 1.40 - 1.75, with and ideal diamond being about 1.5 ct.
* Cut: I''ve been told to find a stone with an HCA score of 1.7 or better, but to be honest, I often can''t find this score on the majority of the sites that i''ve been researching. I realize that cut is important and I do know that I am looking for a H&A, ideal cut, but I feel a little bit lost here.
* Color: G or H. For me I''d rather sacrifice a little clarity for a closer to colorless diamond.
* Clarity: Considering I''m asking for a lot in the cut/color, I''m willing to look at an eye-clean SI stone, but no less.
* Cost: I''m looking to spend between 11-14k on the stone. Anything more than that and I''ll be struggling to make it happen.

My current choices and my thoughts:

DIAMOND #1: 1.45 H SI1 H&A
My Thoughts: Its close enough to 1.5 ct that I''m good with the carat weight. The color and clarity are at the bottom end of what i am looking for, but the inclusion doesn''t look terrible and the cost is very doable at $10,880. The strength of this diamond is clearly the value ($7503/ct.).

DIAMOND #2: 1.52 G SI1 H&A
My Thoughts: The size and color are both an improvement on #1, and yet you pay for it, both in overall cost and $/carat ($8700/ct.) The inclusions look very minimal to me, but I''m not sure how to tell if the diamond is eye clean. Thoughts?

DIAMOND #3: 1.508 G SI1 H&A
My Thoughts: Another diamond with good color and size. ($9118/ct.) Its at the upper end of my price range, but if its a very high quality then I''m ok to spend the cash. I''m uncertain however about what makes this diamond more expensive than #2.

DIAMOND #4: 1.5 G VS2 H&A
My Thoughts: This diamond looks nice from what I can tell, but I am unsure about the reputation of the website. I''m skeptical to say the least. Without a photo and more information, can I be sure that this is a high quality diamond? Does anyone know about this site? The selection on this site is fairly large and if the site is reputable, I''ll likely have some more searching to do. ($8179/ct.)

In case its not already obvious, this is just the start for me. I may need to expand my search and give it some time, but if I can get a more highly educated opinion on these diamonds, I''ll feel much better making the purchase. My girlfriend is incredible and incredibly patient, and she deserves a wonderful diamond. If you know of a diamond, or a place to find one that I haven''t mentioned, I''d love to hear from you. Thank you in advance for your time to anyone who can help me out.

Take care, Patrol


Sep 9, 2008




As you have already noted, there is a significant price jump at the 1.5c weight class. Exceldiamond is reputable, they will put up the images when you ask them to.

I would prefer #1. It is also a branded cut, an ISee2.


Jul 25, 2005
The GOG and WF ones look good.

Excel is a reputable vendor. They can get pictures for you.
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