Chubb vs. Jewelers Mutual...Anyone have ideas?

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Nov 3, 2002
I posed this question on Diamond Talk, where i figured people would be more interested in the answer, but nobody responded. not sure i like a lot of the folks over there, so edgey all the time!:wink2: ANYWAY...

Can someone help me with an insurance question for the ring i purchased...i would like to get the thing insured asap.

Since i have no real relationship w/ an insurance agent, nor carry homeowners or renters insurance (i have no stuff of value!!) I figured that the afformentioned insurance companies would be best. From what i understand, Chubb will insure to an agreed upon amount and pay out cash in case of loss or destruction . Jewelers Mutual will get a new ring that is similar in nature to the appraisal from the jeweler of my choice, with an emphasis on the original jeweler, However, the question of what about partial damage comes up...Since the diamond is an eightstar, and it chips, as i understand it chubb will pay for it to be repaired, ie recut. will they pay the eightstar recutting price? or would it not be insured to turn out as a new eightstar cut, therefore seriously devaluing it??? Jewelers mutual gives me the option of handing over the damaged diamond and getting a new one from a jeweler, i think... Anyone familiar with the process, am i right in this???? help would be great, otherwise i think jewelers mutual is a better plan, though since i am looking for renters insurance soon, maybe chubb a better plan, since i could get both from them....hmm.


Aug 15, 2000
IN my opinion there is NO comparison.

If you have a claim, do you want the insurance company to be in control of the replacement?

Isn't it in your best interest to get the money and buy what you want, instead of the insurance company.

One of the better Chubb agents is Dave Stone..... 800-473-6603

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