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Chubb, Canada, Appraiser & hom much should you pay.

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Dec 9, 2002
I will just describe here my experience here in Canada with Chubb.

So for people who don''t know, Chubb has a branch here in Canada and you
can get your ring insured with them EVEN if you don''t have anything else insured with them.
The only condition is that the ring is appraised at a minimum of 5000$ CDN (3300$US).

The one I bought for my own fiance was initially appraised at more than 2x what I paid
for it ... and it was very conservative. So Chubb proposed me to get it appraised
for this price+15%tax .... and it was more than 2.5$ for each 100$ of evaluation.

I asked my appraiser, who I know pretty well, to give me the wholesale price for the
engagement ring... (it ended up being even higher than what I paid for... of course

I called Chubb and they have accepted to insured it for this amount (+15%tax)...
Consequently, I will have to pay my insurer an amount of money that really
reprensents what I paid for this ring. I feel that this makes sense.. (plus, I''ll get a check
if anything happens to the ring)

Hope this will help a lot of people here on this forum.



Oct 30, 2002
Yep Tri this is along the lines of what we decided to do as well. Our ring appraised very conservatively at slight over what we paid (which is fine with us!), so we just went with that amount and used Chubb also. The check cutting thing is just too good to pass up. Don't want to hassle with insurance co's!

We don't have any other insurance with Chubb, just the e-ring. They didn't require homeowners or anything else. I worked directly with a Chubb agent at their direct toll free #...not a Chubb rep elsewhere.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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