Chameleon Diamond Fluorescence??


Sep 15, 2015
Hello – new here!
I just had a question regarding the fluorescence of Chameleon diamonds, or any diamond really… and how much the fluorescence can affect the everyday colour of the diamond.
I’ve just bought a natural fancy light gray-green chameleon diamond (GIA certified), and it is listed as having a Strong Blue fluorescence.
What I find interesting about this chameleon is that there is no yellow in it at all (yellow isn’t my thing), and it seems most chameleons are usually an olive green that changes to yellow/amber when heated and has a yellow fluorescence.
I’m wondering if anyone has ever seen or heard of a chameleon without any yellow colouring, and with a blue fluorescence?
Sorry no pics yet, though I have seen it in person at my jeweler and he was quite excited about the colour because it lacked any yellow and had such a different colouring.
I had a gray diamond previously (before it got stolen), and I do love the look of them. This chameleon diamond looks gray-green inside, though when it’s outside in the sun it looks quite blue to me. Could this be because of the strong blue fluorescence?

It’s currently being set right now, but I should hopefully have it in a few weeks.
Pretty excited for it as I’ve never seen anything like it before :)


Jul 6, 2012
Debby|1444725515|3937738 said:

As far as i know, I have never heard of a chameleon without any yellow coloring. They all change to yellowish. It does not seem to me that the diamond looking blue in the sunlight is because of the fluorescence.
Fluorescence is only seen under a UV light, otherwise its effect seen to the naked eye by making the stone more milky.

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Not at all true in colored stones. The fluorescence can absolutely change the face up appearance in sunlight, which, as I'm sure you know, is comprised of UV light.

A yellow stone with SBF can look kryptonite green in sunlight.

This chameleon is a gray-green and I could easily see a stone of this shade going blue-aqua in sunlight with SBF. This particular stone has strong white which would also be a different look in sunlight.
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