Carat Weight vs Cut

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Feb 18, 2002
I've been looking for a round brilliant for an engagement ring. I would prefer a smaller
diamond (1.25 to 1.5 ct) with an ideal cut, and good clarity and color. My soon-to-be
fiancee however, loves size (1.8 to 2.0 carats). With my budget, I can't afford an ideal
cut in that size.

I have looked a lot, I've done tons of research (Internet and books) yet every day I have
new doubts and questions.

I recently saw these two GIA diamonds priced around $13,000:
a) 1.71 ct, E, SI1, D=61.9, T=56, Polish=EXC, Sym=EXC, Girdle= med to thk, cul=none
b) 2.04 ct, G, SI1, D=62.1, T=62, Polish=VG, Sym=Good, Girdle= sl thk to thk, cul=sm

I've seen many like these, some better than otheres. These are just two examples
that sum up my concerns. They are:

Are these stones priced reasonably?

Is it worth sacrificing on the color and cut to get the extra 33 weight points?

How significant is girdle thickness... is thick still OK or should I look for medium only?

What about fluorescence? Depending on which source I'm reading it's either really
good (blue-whites) or really bad (cloudy). Which is it? Is faint fluorescence bad?

The GIA cert does not show crown and pavillion angles, how do I obtain them?

If I can't afford an AGS 000 cut, what measurements should I look for to ensure
the diamond, though not ideal, still has a good cut and a lot of brilliance?

I hope you can help. I'm so confused!!!



Dec 31, 1999
Find yourself a diamond with just *one thing off from an AGS 0*.

43.9 to 44 pavilion depth percentage
or a 58 to 59 percent table
Maybe even a very thin girdle
You could also get crown angles at about 33.6 to 33.4

You can mix and match these angles to still get a cut grade of 1 and get a very beautiful diamond! Check out the HCA and see what you can piece together to save some money and get a excellent performing diamond.

Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000
Firstly if you are buying on the net read our tutorial.
Learn to use the search engine (2cts depth%'s because you want a bright diamond and a big spread.
Nice diamonds can have tables up to 62% (but be sure to get the crown and pavilion angles and use HCA).
Diamonds with thick to very thick girdles and strong blue fluoro cost less and are one way to get the weight you want.
We sometimes find an AGS 6 that looks fantastic.
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