Can someone help me critque this diamond please?


Jun 4, 2011
Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and I am thinking about buying this diamond but I wanted opinions on it. The following are the specs:

GIA Certification with Laser Inscription Registry from 10/5/2010
Shape and Cutting Style - Round Brilliant
Measurements - 6.43 - 6.45 x 4.00mm
Carat Weight - 1.01
Color Grade - F
Clarity Grade - VS2
Cut Grade - Excellent
Polish - Excellent
Symmetry - Excellent
Fluorescence - None
Comments - Additional Clouds not shown and Surface Graining not shown
Additional Inscription - H & A (Hearts and Arrow)
Table Size - 57%, Star Length - 55%, Lower Half Length - 80%, Girdle - Medium (faceted) 3%,
Crown Height - 15.5%, Crown Angle - 35.5 degrees, Pavilion Depth - 43.5%, Pavilion Angle - 41.2 degrees
Total Depth - 62%, Cutlet - None

From researching, I found that the perfect measurement for a 1 carat round diamond is 6.5x4mm so would the measurement above be acceptable? I want a diamond that have the maximum shine, brilliance, sparkle, and fire to it so would this diamond fit my criteria? Also, I read that the Total Depth should be 60-61% and this diamond is 62% so would this affect the sparkle and shine in a major way? What do you guys think would be a reasonable price for this diamond?

Any help would be appreciated. I am sorry if I am asking too many questions. If more info is needed on the diamond, let me know. Thanks a lot!

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