Can anyone suggest a secure shipping for diamond ring?


Jul 13, 2011
Many people mention usps register mail service, however I found their policy kind of confusing. I can't use registry mail if it is insured. Or did I mis-understand the wording? What will be the liability of usps if the shipment was lost or damaged?

"Registered Mail is available for items paid at Priority Mail and First-Class Mail prices. It may be combined with COD, Delivery Confirmation, restricted delivery, return receipt, or Signature Confirmation. Postal insurance is provided for articles with a declared value up to a maximum of $25,000. Only items with no declared value may use registry service without insurance. Handling charges apply for articles valued over $25,000. Registered Mail must be presented to a retail employee at a Post Office or a rural route. "



Apr 30, 2005
USPS Registered is safe and reliable for $25K or under but it's slow - regardless of what they tell you allow 15 days and be happy if it's any faster.

You must present proof of value if there is a claim.
So make sure you have a receipt or a recent appraisal.

If it is over $25K I'd use Malca-Amit.
They specialize in shipping important diamonds around the world.


Sep 9, 2008
You misread.

Basically, it says, unless you do not declare the value of the items you are mailing, then you can use the registry service without insurance. Once you declared a value, to use the registry service, you will have to buy insurance.

Or hire an independent appraiser, let him appraised the item and ship it for you under their insurance and probably much faster shipping service. Much more expensive probably.


Jul 21, 2004
Good summary above. The PO uses the word 'insurance' rather carefully in their advertising. This no doubt has to do with the regulations on insurance, one of the most regulated industries going. Registered mail that gets lost is elligible for compensation based on the declared value and your ability to prove it. The cost of the postage is a function of that value (among other things). That's not called 'insurance' for whatever reason but the effect is the same. It works well, is very secure and is reasonably priced if you're shipping from a US address, to a US address and the $25k limit and transit time aren't a problem. Most serious jewelers and the big appraisers carry 3rd party insurance that bumps these limits and opens up the opportunity for other services, like express mail, other carriers, like FedEx, and other destinations.

What they mean by items with 'no value' is things like documents where custoemrs are interested in secure, reliable and tracable delivery but there's no issue of seeking compensation if the package is lost. On the form you fill out there's a check box for 'with insurance' and another box for declared value. That's what they're talking about in the above statement.


Sep 3, 2000
Also, in addition, items with greater than $25,000 insured value must be declared at full value and a surcharge for handling is assessed on the overage of the $25,000. The PO sees higher value as a greater risk for theft although it does not provide coverage for loss over $25K. If you underdeclare value, you are subject to co-insuring your loss with the PO or not getting a dime of replacement cost. They take a hard view of underdeclaration. Only insure for what you are prepared to show the cost actually was of have strong proof of the present value just in case. Losses are very rare, but time of delivery is like the Pony Express of the 1800's. Do not waste money on Registered Mail using Priority delivery. It is no faster than just 1st class mail.
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