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Sep 29, 2011
I'm in the process of creating my engagement ring with my boyfriend. I really like the look of the tacori 2620 halo. The problem is my center stone is .75 whereas most of the rings I see with that halo are over 1.5. I love this halo:

but he would have to change the setting to be able to add more smaller diamonds to the halo. I like the square-ish look in the link and I think mine looks like flower. I'm not sure what size the halo diamonds are but I have emailed them to ask. I think mine are too big given the size of the center stone. The center stone will be lifted so the halo will be under the center stone.


I haven't looked at very many CADs so I would like your opinion too, am I crazy or do you see the final product looking like the url?

Mrs.W 514

May 6, 2010
cads do tend to look bigger/thicker than the real life version, but given that I do agree that the melee in the halo could be a bit smaller. I don't think it is quite a "flower" but I see what you mean. It also looks like from the cads that your shank tapers in at the head and the BGD you linked to does not. I'm not sure if this is an element you asked for but it is different from the linked BGD ring. It does have the metal rails like the linked ring does and I really like the way that looks. Honestly I think your ring will look beautiful as shown in the cads but us PS'er tend to be perfectionists where our jewelry is concerned ;))
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