Buying online: Eighstar, H&A, does it matter? Where do I buy?

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on ice

Sep 23, 2002
I have been looking for a diamond for about a month or so. I want 1.65-2.0 Carats,G-I Color, and VS2-SI1 Clarity. I also want the most "ideal" cut with VG-EX symmetry and polish for about 9k-12K. I would prefer to get a stone above I color but I am keeping my options open. I have searched about 20 websites. Is it better to get an Eightstar, H&A, or no name brand diamond of similar quality? Is it extremely important that it be GIA certified over any other certifications? What about Canadian diamonds. I would love one of those but they don'e seem to be less expensive despite the exchange rate. Do any of you guys recommend any particular sites? So many sites offer similar price and quality ranges so how do I choose which to buy from? I also have to put this on a Credit Card because I don't have the cash to lay down. I know this affects the price with most dealers. I would appreciate any advice.
On Ice :Up_to_something:

Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000
Most of these questions we can not answer, only you can.

Dealers pay a credit card fee. You pay more to use the card because they are trading near cost, so expect you to pay the card fee.

Diamonds are priced in US$ everywhere. Even Nepal. EVERYWHERE.

If you want a great cut and have the $$$'s to pay for it then buy a brand. If you do not have the $$$ then go the best you can on your own. I have made a business out of finding the best, payng less, and selling them for the most I can get. The trade is not very good at picking exceptional looking diamonds that have unusual proportions. HCA and the Ideal-Scope are the tools I use, but it is hard work finding the beuatiful bargaains :).
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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