Buying my first ring.

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Apr 16, 2007
Hi everyone,

I am pretty new to this diamond buying thingie. My bf and I are looking for our first ring right now.
We are thinking about going to the 47th street in NYC, but I have read online, that you should never buy diamonds from the stores on the street. Is that ture? I was wondering if anyone know any good place in NYC or Boston where we can get a good diamond for a good price.

I am thinking of a radiant cut diamond, H or better, VS2 or better, and 1.5 to 2.0 ct.

I have seen some really pretty looking rings on ebay, and some of them have stores in NYC. I''m not sure how good they are.
I also went to Jewelry Exchange near me, they showed me a 1.51ct Radiant cut, H, Si2, for $7670, lose stone.
I can find the a simlar ring on ebay for as low as $3000. Anyone know what''s the deal here?

Please give me some idea.

Thank you guys. :)


Dec 29, 2006
Hi Frostisis,

Welcome to PS! I can't help you with radiant cuts, but I can give you my thoughts on buying from eBay. Basically, I'd steer clear of buying something so personal and meaningful from eBay. I've heard of too many unhappy customers who thought they were receiving a quality ring (or other piece of jewelry) but ended up very dissatisfied. Who knows if the stones are what the seller says they are? Too risky in my opinion.

I have heard good things about the Jewelers Exchange Building in Boston. Also, you might want to check this out: I don't have first hand experience with the jewelers there, but I know there are happy customers.

We're buying my e-ring from Whiteflash ( Also, GoodOldGold ( on Long Island, James Allen in NYC(, and ERD -- Engagement Rings Direct, also in NYC I think ( are well known and recommended PS vendors.

Good luck finding what you're looking for! I hope this helps.

Edited to add: You might want to ask admin. to move this thread to Rocky Talky. You'd probably get more reponses there.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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