buying loose diamond from ebay?

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Jan 14, 2006
Im a newbie to diamond search. has anyone ever bought a loose diamond from the ebay? there are some pretty credible sellers on ebay with 100% positive feedbacks such as diamonds by lauren. but I just want to ask for some opinion or suggestion on buying them from ebay sellers or if anyone can suggest some other credible diamond selling websites to visit. thank so much!!


Oct 21, 2006
be VERY, VERY cautious buying from ebay. DbL is a good source, but there are alot of bait-and-switch type folk on ebay as well. feedback doesnt mean as much as most would like to think it means. there are some pretty shady vendors with good feedback because thay basically blackmail people into removing bad feedback, plus they use schills to leave good feedback for them.

also, when buying site-unseen as people do on the internet, it is so important to get as much info about the exact product you are interested in before buying, and i just dont think ebay offers this to buyers. there are too many better sources.


Jul 21, 2004

Bear in mind that ebay doesn’t sell diamonds, ebay sells advertising. There are lots of people who sell diamonds who advertise there. The difference is important because, in the end, you aren’t doing business with ebay, you are doing business with the seller and you should subject them to the same sorts of scrutiny that you would the seller of any other major purchase. They are not all the same.

It’s also worth noting that ebay has basically no restrictions on who can advertise there. Anyone with a few bucks in their bank account can sell there and anyone with decent HTML and photography skills can make a pretty attractive looking ad. It’s important to look beyond the surface to decide who deserves your business.

Read the fine print carefully.
Check their local BBB record.
Google their name and the names of the people in the BBB record to see what people have to say about them in other venues.
Search for alternative names that they may be using and investigate those as well.
Check their websites and look for things you know to be BS.
Read every negative, neutral or withdrawn feedback. Also look at positive feedback with faint praise (for example: ‘not as described but still appraised for double’). You’re looking for patterns, especially a pattern of inaccurate descriptions or problems with refunds when they’re requested.
Consider visiting their store if they have one.
Neil Beaty
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