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Jul 22, 2011
Hey folks,

I have to tell my boyfriend what I want very soon! It's all very exciting and have been fun looking at various rings/diamonds/vendors. I love cushion cuts, but after going to some B and M and taking a look in person, I realized I love the chunkier cuts better. Basically, I've fallen in love with antique cushions.
Actually, I absolutely love this ring:

I'm hoping it's still available when he's ready to buy!

But, anyways, there is a good chance it won't be available and the bf seems to be partial towards solitaires. I've been looking at GOG and ERD. GOG seems a bit on the pricier end. Looking at some of the other posts, I came across Old World Diamonds. I found some old cushions that are well within his price range that are absolutely stunning (at least in the picture) and was starting to lean towards maybe getting a loose stone from them and having JBEG set the ring. Have any of you guys worked with Old World Diamond? I'm a little worried about not being able to see the diamond in person. Do you guys have any recommendations for choosing diamonds online?
This is one I liked (according to the picture) that i came across that was within budget. I like cushions that are more square-ish and more on the white side (like G, H, I).



May 1, 2007
i purchased my diamond from OWD and had a good experience. i worked with adam who i found to have an excellent eye for great performers! i emailed him/talked to him with many reference #s from his site and he didn't always address them - instead he tended to recommend others he thought were great. not sure why that is, i think many of his diamonds are listed on his site but are out at jewelers or something, or he knew they weren't going to match up with what i was looking for so he just ignored them. but otherwise i found him easy to work with and if i really wanted to know about one i just pushed for an answer and got one. sometimes he is quick with a response and photos, and other times it took a day or two even though he said he'd get it right out. i got the feeling this was related to him being really busy more than anything and i never felt forgotten, i just mention it so that you know what you might expect.

he also was incredibly relaxed about sending me a stone (after i had paid) and then sending me alternatives when i wasn't sure about it (without extra payment). he made it easy for me to see his stones and play with them, then make a decision, and while of course he wanted me to buy from him, i never felt pressured to. i got the impression he sincerely wanted to find me the right diamond. ultimately i went with one that he recommended that i had never even noticed and i have been thrilled ever since. he very quickly 'got' what i wanted and what would make me happy, and he was always honest about stones i inquired about (that he did address). i found his pricing to be really good, too, and was able to negotiate a little.

another poster here mentioned that she didn't have a good experience with him, though i'm not sure why. i think it was yennyfire - hopefully she will see this and chime in!


Nov 8, 2008
I also bought a diamond from OWD previously and I had no issues whatsoever, Adam was communicative and even assured me he would find me the right diamond in case the one I purchased did not end up meeting my expectations. He does recommend stones based on performance and the look you are trying to find and I trust his judgement. I submitted my payment via wire-transfer and never had an issue.


Jun 6, 2010
I was talking with Adam about the possibility of selling my cushion to him and when I told him that I wasn't prepared to let it go for the price he offered, he wasn't all that nice about it. That's the extent of it. I'm sure he's fine to do business with, though I try to follow the motto that "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar" and I always try to be nice, no matter what.


Apr 6, 2011
I agree ! Once you go from being a buyer of his stones to a seller the rules change.To all you buyers out there ,the rule is buy low and sell high.I am talking big mark ups!!You must learn how to deal.Always make a low offer first to get them to come off their high # then take it from there. Never ever pay what they are asking!!This applies to all diamond dealers not just Old World Diamonds.


Jul 11, 2011
^^Is that really the case? I was under the impression that with places like GOG, ERD, and WF, that their listed price is the final price? Is there room for negotiation?


Nov 27, 2007
I've never had any luck negotiating with OWD. I haven't purchased from Adam in some years since I honestly think his prices are pushing pretty high really. He is very good for cherry picking antique diamodns with good performance however, if you ask him to evaluate a few.
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