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Apr 4, 2019
I requested moval moissanite which they made and then I realized it was actually more of an elongated oval that I was wanting. They were very kind and patient and updated the shape of stone for me. It is EXACTLY the shape I was wanting. It is very sparkly and catches the light even in dim settings very well. It is hard to catch the fire in a pic so attached is a video if you're worried about their stone quality.

I like the yellow gold I requested, it def adds to the vintage feel. I had some issues with the band but I took it to a local jeweler and they were able to adjust the prongs and stone lower into the setting more to how I was wanting. Overall I recommend this shop, great prices on moissanite & superb customer service!! I ordered it in 14K gold and I have tested for my satisfaction it and it is 100% original 14K gold, very satisfied buying from diamondrensu.

moval Ring.jpg Moval Ring-1.jpg
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