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Nov 10, 2002
Is there any difference between the actual diamond if bought from a branded source such as Whiteflash or unbranded such as GoodoldGold. Does GoodoldGold really check the stones in the same way Whiteflash cuts them and therefore you are paying for his time rather than the brand.

I am also wondering about the Upgrade policy held by both and lots of other diamond vendors. Whilst this is great for a consumer when they want to upgrade what about a consumer buying for the first time? How does one know they are buying a ''new'' diamond and not someones old diamond which has been upgraded then sent in by the company for a new certificate?

If Whiteflash or GoodoldGold do not want to reply that is fine. I would be happy to know what the public here thinks. Are branded diamonds cut differently, i.e. are the hearts and arrows image more sharper than on the unbranded variety or is it just the same thing? Probably been asked a few hundred times before but I am just trying to decide between these two companies when I do decide to buy a 1.25 to 1.5 carat diamond. I would want high color and clarity so may have to go unbranded anyway due to the price. At the moment I want at least F color and at least VS1 clarity. If I can get higher clarity I would probably aim for VVS1 but will not come below F color and may go up to E if the clarity is VS1. I really want a colorless diamond as after looking I feel I can definitely see color in a G but have not looked at E or F yet in real life.


Mar 31, 2003
New or Old? Who cares? No diamond is new. It may have been mined and recently cut new, but not new. Even if it is a previously owned diamond, that doesn't affect the diamond unless you believe in some kind of bad ju-ju or something.

As for branded or unbranded. It's only a name. Like The Gap or Ralph Lauren, or Tiffany or Cartier. Sometimes quality comes with a name, generally, all a name does for you is save you time. If you have the time to do the leg work and find a better unbranded stone then bonus. If your time is more valuable, have someone do it for you, ie branded. Unfortunately, sometimes the brand names don't meet up to the quality standards you expect for the name. Then all you are paying for is a name and the 'privilege' of advertising the brand.

My advice, don't pick one over the other just yet, task them both with meeting your needs. Whoever does a better job gets the sale. That's business. Now you are looking at E or F? Are you trading in your J or still going to keep it? Why the need for another stone, making a new ring or pendant? Just curious.


Mar 28, 2001
Hi Pyramid,

While the diamonds we feature are what may be considered "unbranded" they are "branded" in the sense that each has been specifically inspected and analyzed by myself and to put it bluntly ... I do not know of one company (save one perhaps) that puts their stones through the QA that we do here. I greatly respect Whiteflash and they are good competitors. I've personally inspected their merchandise and they cut a true H&A that would pass our specs for H&A symmetry. Whether you choose to go with us or them, I respect whichever decision you make. Our H&A's however are in no way inferior to ANY brand but are as a matter of fact superior to most brands.

Last year at the Vegas show I had opportunity to view many brands under both our LightScope & H&A viewer. Some companies had stones we would never advertise on our site as H&A's (which they were selling as H&A) and about every company that did cut good H&A's the stones had serious leakage (rings of death right under the table). When we pick our stones they must meet the highest standards of BOTH optical symmetry AND light return. Most companies will stress one feature over the other but our clients know they are getting the absolute best of both which is why we feature all the info we do on each stone.

In regards to traded diamonds. Just ask. We offer this option to our clients but most do not use our tradein policy and while Homer's point is so true (all diamonds are old when you really think about it) we'll only show you stones that have been recently cut. Out of 100 diamonds on our website maybe 1 has been traded in.

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