Bob''s Flashes - The Birth of the Diamond

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Dec 12, 2000
Bob’s Flashes – The Birth of the Diamond

Long, long ago before Moses, Abraham, and even Adam there were diamonds being formed down near the core of the earth. These diamonds were brought up by kimberlite bearing volcanoes with great explosions. Time passed and the volcanoes became inactive and the kimberlite froze in the neck or pipe of the volcanoes. The weather wore down these mountains and washed many of the diamonds down rivers until they reached the sea.

Diamonds are found in three places; in the pipe of old kimberlite volcanoes, in river alluvial deposits or in alluvial beach deposits. Not all of the old kimberlite volcanoes have been found.

While diamonds are found around the word, three specific examples are:

Just a few years ago a few of the pipes were discovered in the frozen north of Canada. Where there are these diamond-bearing volcanoes there will also be old riverbeds containing alluvial diamonds. The search is on.

On Africa’s Atlantic coast for about a thousand miles into South Africa and north the desert goes down to the sea. The sand of the desert becomes beach sand and under the sea, more sand. All of this sand for about 10 miles out in the Atlantic, up onto the beach and extending inland for a short distance there are diamonds under the sand that have worked themselves down to bedrock. These beach and desert sands are controlled and mined by Anglo American Corp. The ocean waves and water are held back and huge earth moving machines move sand down to the bedrock and then men move in with hand tools and brooms. Sometimes handfuls of gem diamonds are found in pockets on the bedrock.

Out in the Atlantic, areas are marked off on a map and these areas are assigned to small companies that bid for them. They send divers over the side to look for and vacuum up the sand that contains the diamonds. This is very cold, hard and dangerous work but it yields pure profit for those that do the work. They are not paid by the hour but by the percentage of take.


Feb 26, 2003
Thanks Dimonbob...

Your posts are interesting...educational too!
Learned lots about these sparklies from you

You're a "fountain of info" and there's lots to say
Keep these flashes coming our way!


Feb 22, 2003
Wow! Pearl diving for diamonds with a vaccuum cleaner. Would sound like fun if it weren't cold and sooooooo deep. Not sure I'd like to work inside a tidal pool waiting to happen either. Frozen tundra in Canada??? Can't you point us to some warm exotic retreat for rock hunting, Diamond Bob???? LOLOL

You always have the neatest tidbits of info, Diamond Bob. Luv to see you flash!
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