Blue Nile's Signature Princess cuts

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Apr 23, 2002
Hi everyone. I'm fairly new in doing my diamond research. The only thing I know for a fact is that my girlfriend wants a princess cut diamond. From doing a small bit of research, I'm finding that the princess cut diamonds are usually reserved for some of the "lesser quality" diamond because the cut is better at hiding a diamond's flaws. Is this true for most of the princess cut diamonds?

Second, I visited Blue Nile's website to compare some quality and pricing. I noticed that Blue Nile has a "Signature" princess cut collection. Does anyone on this forum know whether or not these "superior" quality princess cuts are really worth the additional price?

Also, is Blue Nile pretty fair on their pricing? BTW, I live in the San Francisco bay area, and I have access to the Moscone center's gem market (where I hear people can get great deals on loose diamonds).

I'm definitely the kind of guy that will be willing to shell out more money for a higher quality stone, but I'm not sure if what Blue Nile is advertising is worth the price. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Here's a link to their Signauture collection:


Dec 31, 1999
Hi Drunkentester, :)

Folks here report just positive experience with Blue Nile. Also diamonds from their signature collection seems to be very good quality.


Price: it is not so easy to find a nice cut princess diamond today. You also have to compare extra services provided such as money back period, free shipping, full refund, gift box, no credit card surcharges, etc.

Try to make a search for the similar diamonds (including depth and table ranges) from the front page of this site.


Mar 2, 2002
Hi! I am not an expert, and I do not know anything about the princess cut diamonds, but we recently made a purchase through the Blue Nile. From our experience with the round brilliant diamonds, the signature collection has some nice things, but you can find lower prices and just as nice or nicer diamonds in their other stock. We found that the diamond that we purchased scored higher than any of the ones in the signature collection.

I do not know how you check the cut on a princess cut diamond, but we used the HCA on this site. I am sure that one of the experts from this site will be able to help you with the cut quality.

As far as the customer service from the Blue Nile, we found it to be outstanding and we would definitely purchase from them again in the future. I think that most of the online vendors have good reputations from what we have researched. You will have to decide what cut quality that you want and then do your comparison shopping.

Hope you find that special diamond!!:))
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