Blue Nile Signature Ideal Princess

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Aug 20, 2002
Does anyone have any experience with the Blue Nile Signature Ideal Princess cut? I came across it last night. All the numbers add up to the "ideal" chart for princess stones. Here's the stone I'm looking at:

Measurements: 5.09x4.99x3.25mm
Weight: .70 carat
Depth: 65.1%
Table: 70%
Girdle: Thin to medium
Culet: None
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Very Good
Clarity: SI1
Characteristics: Feather, indented natural
Color: E
Florescence: None
Price: $3541

What I am wondering is how this would stack up visually side-by-side to one of the Hearts on Fire Dream diamonds. Since I can't just look at the two and choose, I thought I'd ask for an opinion, if anyone has ever seen both, or just had an opinion to offer. The Dream I saw was F color, SI2, and absolutely gorgeous. Never-saw-a-diamond-I-liked-so-much type gorgeous. But this one is obviously both a color and clarity grade better, and it is also a good bit larger-- 70 points compared to 50. The prices were the same.

So on paper, this one obviously is the winner. I don't care about seeing hearts on the underside through a scope, because once it's set, I'll never see it again. But I do care how it looks on my hand, and that Dream was simply the most beautiful square-cut I've ever seen. It was very brilliant and fiery, both under the store lights and out in natural light. I wish I could see this Blue Nile one in person to compare! (I know, they have a 30-day return, but getting it to compare the two seems like a commitment since I already own one to compare to the other.)

Thanks for your input.

Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000
Blue Nile have a long rturn policy I think - you could have the stone shipped and compare it yourself.
You could ship it to Dave Atlas first.
You could buy an Ideala-scope and check out lots of princess.

You have many options :)
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