Blue Nile Classic Diamond Eternity Ring (a picture review)


Sep 30, 2015
Hi everyone,

I've been searching for a shared prong diamond eternity band and wanted to share my review of the Classic Diamond Eternity Ring from Blue Nile. It was lovely, but wasn't what I was looking for. I've only started to begin my research for eternity bands, so I don't know if BN's price point is fair ($3100). I'll be posting some pictures (iphone pictures-sorry!) of it next to my engagement ring, so here are some specs for your reference:

Engagement Ring
Ring Size 4.5
1.81 ct RB
SI1 (eye clean)
GIA Triple Excellent Cut
HCA 1.3
Mark Morrell Flame setting in platinum (~2.7 mm around the inside of the band but looks thinner from the top due to the knife edge finish)

Blue Nile Classic Eternity Ring (2 ct)
Ring Size 4.5 (less diamond for smaller rings = total carat weight of less than 2)
21 round diamonds with a total carat weight of 1.85 (~9 point)
Shared prong setting in platinum
Height: 2.3 mm (according to Blue Nile website-I did not take any independent measurements)
Width: 3.1 mm (same as above)

Okay, now for the picture review.

Straight out of the box, the ring looked great.




But, when I put it on my finger, it looked bulky and and sat higher than the band of my engagement ring (I haven't decided if it also looked funny because I need a smaller point size or just a lower profile). That said, the diamonds appeared well set between the prongs and I did not detect any discernible difference in color between the eternity band and my e ring (meaning it doesn't seem like BN snuck in any J color stones). However, it did not perform (sparkle and flash) like my e ring.





Even though this band did not work for me, I think it's a pretty ring that can work out for many.

If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for a wedding band, I would appreciate it!


Jan 11, 2006
Re: Blue Nile Classic Diamond Eternity Ring (a picture revie

It is good you see that the ring is too thick compared to your engagement ring. I see that here from time to time where people get a big wedding band that sticks out farther than the e-ring and I don't think it looks good at all. Ideally, the height off the finger should be approximately the same for both rings. Part of the issue is the wedding band setting. It needs to be as low as possible to work, but no band can be low enough if the diamonds are too large and deep. So really, the first thing we'd need to know is the height of your engagement ring shank if you can get it measured with calipers. Or maybe MM can tell you. I do think it would be most ideal to have MM make the band as his would be comparable quality to your engagement ring and he would know the right height to make it.

Some of the lowest set bands are from Tiffany, so that is a great place to try them on, but they will probably be higher in price than having MM make it.

My e-ring is also a knife edge and has a height of around 2mm. I would say that would be typical. Here's a band from Facets that is nice quality, but you can see that the height is 2.4mm, which still probably would be too high.

Looks like you have to go down to this size for the ring to be 2mm high.
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