Biggest bang for my buck, under $13k?


Jul 1, 2011
Hi everyone!

First, this is my first post in this forum, so I hope this is the right place to go. If not, please let me know where to go and I will direct my question elsewhere.

So, I am looking to propose and I have set for myself a $15k budget, and I would like to spend $2k on the setting and actual proposal weekend. That leaves me with $13k for a rock.

Now, I have read about all of the basics re: 4Cs, gotten a sense of why pavilion and table proportions are important, weighed the advantages and disadvantages of culets, looked into flourescence, etc. I have maybe 10 hours' worth of knowledge in my head.

I have also gone down to the diamond district and looked at some diamonds, and I appreciate that, at the size I am looking at, the geometric properties of the cut will be apparent and it won't just be a sea of sparkles, and so I will have to look at the stone in person to get a real sense of what I am working with.

All that said, here is what I want: a big "ooh" and "aah," pretty much. I want her to be blown away. I would like a non-clarity-enhanced stone.

Can I get something in the 2 carat range that is good? What cut of stone is going to give me the biggest "face up" value in most lighting situations? How does one balance absolute size with other properties of the stone?

What, in other words, besides the obvious things should I be looking for?

I am not looking for a perfect quality stone. I don't want D/IF/etc. I want the stone that looks biggest and best to the untrained naked eye, without an appraiser going "uhhhh" when we bring it there.

Suggestions? Thoughts?

Thank you so much!

farmer gal

Mar 26, 2011


Aug 14, 2009
If you like antiques there are some gorgeous rings & stones on these sites at very doable prices:

To hit the 2ct mark w/ a modern RB you're going to have to drop to K SI2, looks like -
2.08 K SI2 $13.8k
nice 60/60 type, should be a really bright stone, request IS if interested

Or - how do you feel about coloured diamonds? Definitely some "oooh" pieces to be had there!
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