Best place to buy antique/estate rings

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Nov 11, 2002
I am very interested in an antique and/or estate engagement ring when the time comes. I've been doing some research online, and on Philly's Jeweler's Row and I haven't been finding much of a selection. I know there is a huge diamond district in NYC, does anyone know if they have a large selection of antique/estate? Any other tips or hints on where to find these rings?



Oct 30, 2002
My favorite place online to look at is where they offer many replicas of antique and estate jewelry, but some are the real thing. Even if you are just trying to get ideas on what you like visually, the website is very informative. Fay is great as well, if you have any questions, drop her an email and she responds personally. Also I have found a few other links online but nothing as great as what Fay has on her site (I love the old diamond cuts). Also if you are ever in Carmel, California, check out Fortuane Jewelers (I think they have a website). They have absolutely gorgeous authentic antique jewelry, and some replicas with old stones..etc. Pricing is high, but they have buyers who travel far and wide to find interesting things.

Lastly, be sure to try on a few estate/antique looking rings before really focusing your search on that style. I was sure I would want an old style ring and then I tried a few on. I liked some of them, but I found that some of them looked too delicate for my hand/clothing style. I'm not a delicate or very girly person, and wear alot of pants and they looked at odds with my appearance in general. I still really love looking at them, but not on my hand. So be sure to try a few before pidgeon-holing yourself. I'm glad I did or else my poor boyfriend might have bought me something that looked beautiful in the box, but out of place on my hand.

Good luck!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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