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Best 2019 Tiffany Metro ring alternative?


Dec 19, 2014
I wanted to like the Zina better because I knew that the size will be more accurate and it would be more affordable, but the Metro is the clear winner here. Ugh this is tricky. I am happy that you have a temporary solution, but a band that’s much larger might not be super comfy in the long term. Is the metro still about a whole size larger?


Feb 26, 2018
I just brought the Metro to Tiffany’s and they measured it as 5.5. The band is just so thin so it feels larger. They are looking into adding sizing beads but I’m not crazy about adding beads to the ring.

A few things to consider:

I like wearing a plain wedding band with my e-ring and will probably wear the Metro as a RHR. My right ring finger is slightly larger so the ring is about .25-.5 too loose. It’s too loose to wear on its own. If I shake my hand hard enough, the ring slips right off.

The unglamorous rubber sizer 1) makes it fit and 2) actually protects the delicate stones under my finger which is practical when I'm running after my toddler or playing with the dogs.

I bought it for $1000. I guess I can return it and wait for a size 5 (which fits just right) but if my finger size increases in the future, I won't be able to wear it comfortably. Even if I bought a size 5, a thin, dainty eternity ring is too delicate for my current lifestyle. The rubber ring condom DOES protects the stones underneath and solves the eternity ring issue but then I'm wearing a rubber ring condom.

It's soo pretty though!
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