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Berricle Test Run Success - fashion necklace prepares kind soul for precious reset


Feb 2, 2015
I just wanted to add a note of thanks here, because Berricle was highly recommended on the forum. So thanks for the info! It really helped.

Backstory: my friend is a person of means, but essentially non-materialistic and sort of minimalist, I suppose. She is a widow whose husband proposed with a moderate-sized but very beautiful diamond, which she wore in a solitaire way in the past, but by now hasn't worn in years. She has listened patiently as I babbled about bling for a long time, and when she finally got around to showing me her ring, I suggested she have her stone reset into a classic bezel necklace so she could enjoy the diamond again in a fresh way. That was a few years ago, and I sort of forgot about it, and she hadn't done anything with it.

This week, her birthday was coming, so I went on Amazon and had a Berricle bezel solitaire necklace (about half a carat - the same size as her diamond) sent to her, and she opened it while we were on a facetime call together. The necklace suited her perfectly, so it helped crystallize in her mind what the experience of wearing her diamond on a necklace would be like - in fact, the experience helped her decide what kind of clasp she needed (the Berricle lobster became difficult) and further, that she preferred a sliding pendant rather than a fixed one.

Overall, it was a success, and obviously I am looking forward to referring her to a jeweller. In the meantime, she now has something to hold its place, a gift that will help her become accustomed to the feeling of a chain on her neck, before she gets the expensive & sentimental version of the necklace.

Thanks for recommending Berricle - it made a difference to be able to send something of high quality! She loves it.
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