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Beauty and Ideal Cut

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Sep 3, 2000
Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. While we spend a great deal of time spouting off about the perfectly cut diamond or the most brilliant cut stone, we truly cannot fully describe every attribute that leads to these conclusions or representations.

Many a very nice looking diamond is being worn by those who think their diamond is the best one on earth. Sentimental attachment creates a certain value to a stone no matter how limited its official pedigree. Just like little mixed breed dogs, they may be the perfect puppy for that owner. Not everyone needs, wants nor can afford a pure blood pedigree variety of dog or diamond.

When a sales person tell you that a diamond is beautiful that does not equal "ideal cut". Now, that diamond may really look great. It may sparkle like fire and dazzle the person who is going to receive it, but it just may not be the best cut stone. This is very commonplace. There is no deception so long as you can examine the diamond yourself and see if YOU are pleased. Shopping and learning is the cure for buying badly or regretting a purchase only a few days after you are committed to it.

Good Internet vendors and good appraisers can help you buy Ideal Cut or simply beautiful, non-ideal cut diamonds. Your cooperation in looking at them, examining them and accepting them is your responsibility. Every seller wants to SELL. Appraisers can advise you on value and cut, but we cannot make up your mind for you. There are many diamonds that don't meet anyone's Ideal Specs that look great. Keep an open mind and let your eyes and personal taste really dictate a final choice.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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