B2C Jewels amazing!


Feb 12, 2011
I purchased 2 diamonds from B2cJewels at different time, many years apart and both has been an amazing experience. I worked with Pascal. He has been very helpful and they can help me to find other diamonds other than the listed inventory in their website. The first diamond I got from them is for my Sister in-law e-ring, she loves it so so so so much!!!! Its a 1ct D VS2 that spread like 1.2ct, it dances with the light.

The most recent purchase was also for my other Sister in-law, a 2.06ct G VS2 set in their hidden halo setting. I was told I can make any 4prongs to be 6 prongs at no charge! The setting is very cheap and the workmanship is absolutely better than one of the other vendors. The exact diamond that I got from them was listed $2-4000 more in other sites. My brother can’t get too picky with this one, $14600 for that specs.
Normally they are $3-500 cheaper than other virtual diamond seller.
I recommend PSers to check if you can get certain diamond from them if you see a diamond listed in other place but not theirs, they might can get it for you for better prices. And don’t let no pictures/video turned you down. See all the numbers first and if the numbers look good, shoot them an email and ask them for images (don’t use chat).
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