August Vintage Cut @ Good Old Gold


Feb 9, 2005
I just made my first diamond purchase a few days ago and am so very excited and floored to finally have it; this is such a milestone and I'm over the moon!!! I got my strong blue fl and my diamond is surely going to be a sparkler. I can't wait till it's actually set and on my finger! Can't wait to see what my FI has in store for me :razz:

Is this crazy or what?! ...I've already got my eye on an August Vintage round from Good Old Gold for my next stone purchase (although probably won't be for a verrrry loooong time). I guess I just have diamond fever now. I just love this cut and the broad flashes of sparkle and color it puts out. The patterning of the cut is so beautiful and dreamy and I actually think I may favor it more than the modern rounds. I just learned of this cut a couple days ago and if they had something within my criteria I may have just jumped on it ; )

Is this a proprietary cut of Good Old Gold's, I looked around the site but couldn't find any specific info? Does anyone have one of these stones? How do you like it? I really hope they keep producing these because I am seriously lusting after one and surely out to get one eventually! Here's a photo and video (links below). Thoughts about these beauties compared to modern rounds?


Jan 11, 2006
Good Old Gold is the only jeweler I know of having antique style rounds being newly cut with excellent light performance. I have seen two of the stones and they are indeed gorgeous! I love their August Vintage cushions as well! Oh, to win the lottery or something!!!!
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