ASET test difference?


Nov 24, 2015
I understand that different diamonds produce different ASET images, but some of the color schemes seem to be overall "darker". Is this because there is a difference in cut or because the software/test is different somehow?

Here are some examples:

The one in the middle seems different than the two on the side.

These two diamonds do the same thing:
and lighter one:


Aug 8, 2005
Different diamonds is not the issue. It's different photo set ups.


Nov 24, 2015
Hi - While there are many pros to using aset images, your question relates more to the cons - - so for the sake of brevity, I'll only mention some reasons why the images may be keep in mind that this isn't a balanced/complete explanation on both the pros/cons of reflector scopes.
Reflector scope images can be quite difficult to interpret sometimes as there can be quite a bit of variation depending on many subjective variables (background/lighting/distance/camera quality/skill/position of stone/etc). Unless you are comparing 2 images that have been produced in the same environment, with the same equipment, they can sometimes be misleading - so in the case where aset images have been taken in different conditions, for the average consumer, it is difficult to form a conclusive opinion.
You can have two very well cut diamonds that look very different depending on the aset images...I've seen quite a few stones get knocked back for nothing more than poor aset photography...
So concentrate on the contrast/symmetry/pattern/colours/etc:
Blue is directly overhead, green is from low angles and red is in the middle.
-Blue – Dark contrast areas that indicate obscured light (from the head of the viewer, the camera lenses, etc.)
-Red – The most direct and intense light return. This indicates light reflecting from the 45-75 degree range.
-Green – Reflected light, not as intense as direct light, representing the light return from the horizon to 45 degrees. Green is not failure, even though people tend to think so.
-Black/white - Leakage
Keep in mind that they’re not fool proof even as ‘excellent’ because images don't always translate into real life views - and it also largely depends on your interpretation of what is ‘beautiful’ - do you prefer more dispersion, more sparkle, or more brightness?
For these images specifically, I would suggest that the main difference for the 'lighter' ones is because they have been backlit on a white background rather than a dark background.
...just re-read my much for brevity :doh: ...I need to take a page out of Gypsys book on how to be concise... :lol:
Hope this helps

Texas Leaguer

Jul 27, 2009
In terms of the amount of useful information a single image can provide, I think ASET stands alone. However, people commonly try to do too much with individual images. The important thing to keep in mind with ASET is that it is largely relativistic. That is, whether the color in the image is orangy or pinkish or dark red, the light is essentially coming from the same place on the horizon (overhead)). Same is true of shades of green (lower angles). Where the background shows through (white or black depending on setup) you have some leakage.

Black or partially black arrows are reflections of the camera lens and are 'really' blue. You will notice that computer generated ASET images never have that attribute because there is no camera in the theoretical environment.

ASET imagery, especially combined with other diagnostics, provide very important information about the light handling capabilities of a diamond. A number of other factors, such as certain clarity characteristics that may diminish light performance in a perfectly cut diamond, are NOT revealed by ASET or other reflector scopes.

Here's a good article by DiamondHawk on ASET:


Jan 11, 2006
Those are all great stones in terms of light return even though the photography is different. Just wanted to be sure that is understood!
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