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Are these good deals?

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Apr 24, 2003
Hi. First time posting, but I''ve found this website very informative. I found two diamonds I like and I was wondering if these sound like good deals.

The first is .78 Carats G VS1, Depth 61.9%, Table 56%, Crown Angle 35.2, Pavilion Angle 40.8. Measurements 5.87-5.94 x 3.66mm. Price is $3490.00

The second is .61 Carats F VS1, Depth 60.1%, Table 57%, Crown Angle 33.9, Pavilion Angle 40.9. Measurements 5.55-5.48 x 3.32mm. Price $2605.00

Both have ideal polish, symmetry, and proportions with AGS certs.

Just wondering which you would prefer and I appreciate any advice. I''m leaning towards the second one, because I can''t see much difference in size and beauty for the extra $900


Oct 30, 2002
Hi RS!
Okay well the 2nd stone looks like it would have a better cut than the first, so maybe that is a slight push towards the direction you were already leaning towards.

The first stone got 2.0 on the HCA with all VG's. The second stone got 1.1 EX on the HCA with all EX's. Pretty nice. They both are beautiful stones, but according to the numbers, stone #2 would be a better performer. It does also have a better crown angle than the first stone, the first stone is a little deep.

Don't know if that makes it easier or helps at all. Have you seen the stones in person? I'd be tempted by the larger carat weight of the first one though....and 2.0 on the HCA is still a very good score. Good luck with your decision!!


May 22, 2002
I'm with Mara, I like the 2nd stone. Are you stuck on the VS-1? I know that the ct. wt. isnt that much different, but I could deffinitely see the difference when I was looking for my stone. I could notice it even with a .10 variable in mm. I know, hawk eyes, but I still could see it. For the same price as the .61, you could go VS-2 for the same price as the 1st stone with a ct. wt. in the mid .80's. Just an idea. If you go with either stone, they would be great choices.


Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
Both are priced correctly for their weights and quality. The 3/4 carat+ size of the first one is what pushes the price up, because it falls in the higher price-per-carat bracket that comes about once you pass the 0.70 carat mark.

Both should be very nice stones visually as well.

It would be a coin toss for me, with the $900 savings & the excellent HCA score maybe prompting me towards using a double-headed coin.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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