Are palladium prongs fragile? Less secure than platinum?

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Mar 6, 2006
I am still trying to decide how to reset my 1.63ct diamond into a rhr. I''m leaning towards a 3 stone with my sapphire studs as side stones and am almost ready to commit to the project.

I don''t like white gold because I don''t like having to replate it and my body chemistry changes its color quickly.

Platinum is more than I want to spend now.

I like the idea of palladium for the white color and that it won''t change color but am wondering if the prongs are fragile?

Would palladim prongs hold a diamond less secure than platinum?

I remember from my first engagment diamond years ago we got gold and the jeweler insisted on a platinum head because he said it was stronger than gold and that gold could snap of or wear over time.

What about palladium for the head? Secure? As secure as platinum?

Could a palladium setting last a lifetime if well made? I''ve always been under the assumption that platinum could last a lifetime so I am wondering if palladium would hold up well over time.

And is sizing a palladium ring harder than sizing a platinum ring?

Thoughts please :)


Dec 17, 2008
I have a sheet put out by a ring maker that compares 5 different metals: Plat, Palladium, 14k/18k gold,Titanium,
and tungsten.

Here is how the phamplet anwers your questions.

As far as prongs:
For surface strenght it rates palladium, platinum, 14/18 gold all the same :(. Since I think we know that plat is considered
stonger than 14/ doesnt appear they are differerentiating at a level that will answer your question.

As far as lasting a lifetime:
For life span they rank the metals in the following order: plat, palladium, 14/18 k gold, titanium and tungsten. So it is
ranked higher then gold but not as high as plat. It says select "Palladium for a silvery white color that lasts, but
a less treasured metal than platinum."

I dont know how much this helped but I figured I''d give you what I had.
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