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Are all GIA graded diamonds 'marked with GIA report number


May 19, 2016
I was wondering when GIA grade a diamond do they always 'print' the report number onto the girdle for ID reasons.

I was looking at some older GIA graded certs from 2005 and there is no mention of the report number being 'printed' on the diamond.

Also if it is the case that some GIA graded diamonds dont have the report number marked on them is it safe to buy them as how do you know the certificate you have been given matches the diamond?

Many thanks!


Nov 24, 2015
Re: Are all GIA graded diamonds 'marked with GIA report numb

Hey mate - it's pretty common practice nowadays for a diamond being graded to have the report number micro-laser inscribed into the girdle...back in 2005...not so much. Having the report number on the girdle is just one of many ways to identify a stone and match it with it's correct report.
No, there is nothing wrong with buying a diamond that isn't inscribed - - but you'll have to ensure that it is what it is by other means (which you should really do anyway even if there is an inscription). And if you aren't spec'd up to grading stones yourself...which I'm guessing you're not ;-) , the best thing to do is have an independent valuer (not an in-house valuation from the person you're buying from) look at the diamond to see if it matches the grading report.
There are thousands of stones out there that pre-date laser inscription, and as long as you perform your due dilligence, it shouldn't be an issue.
Hope this helps
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