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Appraising Uncut Rubies / Any Help?


Jul 15, 2009
Hi Jake7671 :)

It would be similar to evaluating a cut gem only you will have to get a cutter to roughly determine the estimated yield per the size, weight, clarity, shape, etc...

Also if it were mine and they were in the 5+ carat range of rough I would send the best one or two to AGL or GIA or a accredited lab near you to determine if the gems are natural, and if there is any treatment to the gems. If everything came out good I would have those two cut; then proceed to the next ones and get a paper on each one if it yields over a 1 carat well cut clean gem... It assures you they are what you thought they were and the buyer of your stones will also know. But I would only send one or two of the rough gems to be tested in their rough state; and the others after they were cut.

A gemologist will help but not like the lab as they can issue a report on rough as I have had GIA examine rough before I spent the labor and time to cut it to make sure it was what I thought it was.

That is just my humble opinion though.

Good Luck as the shapes and colors look rather nice.

Most respectfully;



Jul 27, 2004
Jake, the piece you are holding in your hand looks very suspect to me. There is A LOT of lab created ruby being sold as natural ruby rough. Dana has a very good plan laid out for you before you go too far with these.
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