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May 14, 2008
i should be receiving the e-ring middle/late next week. I want to get it appraised ASAP so I can get insurance on it since I may not give it to the GF right away. (still thinking up how/where going to do it, valentines day is abit cliche for me lol)

1) Are there any good local to chicago appraisers? I have already sent an email to the one pricescope lists up in Glenview but I have not seen any RECENT topics about chicagoland appraisers.

2) When I was getting auto insurance my provider, AllState, said they could give me renters insurance. I told them I will need jewelry insurance soon and they said they do write policies for that. Anyone have experience with them? I''m going to also contact jewelers mutual for a quote. If Jewelers Mutual is the best/easiest route to go in the unfortunate chance I need to claim something I''ll probably go with them.

3) ring and setting is around 14.5k...a quick quote on JM site said 250 range. is this the premiums i should expect from all quality insurance companies?



Feb 11, 2009

I''m going through the same process and have read several posts on CHUBB and Jewelers Mutual. After talking with Touchstone (agent of CHUBB), I was surprised to find out that they do not cover several scenarios of lost items.

1. If my FI were to take the ring off to wash her hand in a public bathroom and forget to put it back on and lose it...
2. " " for whatever reason while in the car, put it in her lap, and get out of the car forgetting it was there and lose it...
3. " " in a hotel room, leave for a period of time, only to find it''s missing upon returning to the room...

I was told by Touchstone that none of these scenarios would be covered under the CHUBB policy, however from my conversations with AAA and JM it sounds like they would. Has anyone had similar experiences with these vendors that can confirm if this is valid?

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